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Georgia Neonatal Injury LawyersDid your baby start having seizures shortly after birth? Seizures can be a sign of permanent brain damage, and often, medical negligence is the cause. The neonatal seizure lawyers at Tyrone Law Firm, PC can fight for your family’s rights every step of the way.

Understanding neonatal seizures

Seizures are patterns of unusual electrical activity in the brain that cause involuntary movements, often accompanied by a loss of consciousness or a period of confusion or disorientation. In older children and adults, most types of seizures are obvious, with easily visible symptoms.

Spotting seizures in a newborn baby can be difficult. A baby’s movements during a seizure are much more subtle and can easily be mistaken for normal newborn behavior. Some signs of neonatal seizures include:

  • Random eye movements
  • Eyes rolling up
  • Blinking or fluttering eyes
  • Sucking, smacking and chewing
  • Unusual pedaling movement of the legs
  • Thrashing or struggling
  • Long pauses in breathing (apnea)

Neonatal seizures, by definition, occur during the neonatal period – the first 28 days of life for full-term babies, longer for premature babies. They are most common within the first few days to first week of life.

Again, seizures can be difficult to spot in newborns. Medical professionals who work with newborn babies are trained to recognize the warning signs and order tests to confirm the diagnosis. When these doctors fail to recognize warning signs or conduct necessary tests, that could be grounds for negligence or malpractice.

Causes of neonatal seizures

In general, seizures are caused by damage to the brain, or abnormal brain development. Brain injuries can happen at any time in life, but a baby’s developing brain is especially vulnerable. Some causes of neonatal seizures include:

Unfortunately, these causes are all preventable. Doctors and other medical providers are legally expected to meet standards of care and intervene appropriately when there is a risk of brain damage. When that doesn’t happen, babies can be seriously and permanently injured.

If your child has epilepsy, you could be looking at a lifetime of care, including anti-seizure drugs, therapies and even surgery. All these medical procedures cost money. And if you don’t take legal action, you could end up having to pay for them out of your own pocket, resulting in thousands or even millions of dollars in medical bills.

That’s not right. Act now to protect your family and hold the negligent doctor accountable. Contact us today for a free consultation with an Atlanta neonatal seizure attorney who knows the law and knows how to get results. Contact the Tyrone Law Firm, PC.

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