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Resuscitation Errors

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After children are born, some babies cannot breathe sufficiently on their own. As a result, special equipment is needed to assist newborns who need help breathing and pumping blood throughout their body. Such devices include:

  • T-piece resuscitator
  • Self-inflating bag
  • Flow-inflating bag

Doctors, nurses, neonatal respiratory therapists, medical technicians and other staff members need to make sure they operate such equipment properly. This includes making sure the devices are operating at the desired peak inspiratory pressures (PIP), positive end expiratory pressures (PEEP) and the correct length of time between different pressures. They also need to make sure such devices work properly and there are no delays using the equipment if a newborn baby is experiencing birth asphyxia or other breathing problems.

Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes occur. And when they do, newborn children are the ones who suffer. That's why infant resuscitation errors are a common labor and delivery injury.

Common Problems

Newborn children sometimes sustain serious injuries due to resuscitation errors. Some of the most common errors which result in injuries to children involve:

  • Delay of treatment
  • Defective equipment
  • Improperly sanitized equipment
  • Improper use of equipment

Any one of these errors can cause serious, permanent injuries to newborn children. That's why it's critical that hospitals make sure that staff members receive training to properly use and maintain such equipment, and make sure they are tested and assessed on the use of the equipment.

Common Injuries

If a newborn child does not receive enough oxygen, even for just a few minutes, the baby can sustain severe, permanent injuries. Such injuries include:

  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Development delays
  • Epiliepsy

If your child sustained a permanent injury due to a resuscitation error, don't simply assume the doctor or hospital that made the mistake will take care of your family. Make sure you contact our law firm to get the help you need and deserve.

Why Choose Us

Our experienced legal team at the Tyrone Law Firm, PC knows how to handle such complicated cases. That's because we have worked with families throughout Georgia affected by serious, permanent birth injuries. We know what questions to ask, what evidence to look for and how to compile all that information into a strong, legal argument.

Our Atlanta birth injury attorneys also frequently consult with medical experts in their field to carefully analyze such data. And if we notice any mistakes, we take strong legal action against the doctor or hospital that harmed your child. If necessary, we're prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf and take them to court.

Many law firms avoid such tough cases. We make them our priority. That's because we know the work we do can make a dramatic difference in kids' lives. That's why we want to work with you. Tell us your story. Contact our law firm and schedule your free consultation today.

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