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Macrosomia Birth Injuries

Our Attorneys Explain Risks

Some newborn babies are larger than average. But certain children are significantly larger. In such cases, the children could have fetal macrosomia, a common fetal risk factor often associated with birth injuries. Macrosomia can slow or interrupt delivery of the fetus and result in injuries caused by reduced oxygen (hypoxia) as well as orthopedic and nerve injuries (dystocia).

Experienced doctors know what to look for and how to treat pregnant women with unborn children who have macrosomia. In certain extreme cases, many physicians recommend performing a cesarean section (C-section) for health and well-being of the mother and child since larger newborns may have difficulty during vaginal deliveries.

Unfortunately, some physicians don't take such warning signs seriously. As a result, children with macrosomia are sometimes born with physical or cognitive problems, which is why macrosomia is considered a serious birth injury risk factor.

What Is Fetal Macrosomia?

There are many reasons why children develop macrosomia and are born significantly larger. One common reason why includes mothers who have diabetes during pregnancy. Some women have a history of diabetes. Others develop diabetes during their pregnancy, a condition known as gestational diabetes.

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes have elevated blood sugar levels, which results in more baby fat and potentially macrosomia. Obese women, women over 35 years old and women with a history of macrosomia in their family may also be more likely to have children with this condition.

The two most common symptoms that a baby may have macrosomia are:

  • Excessive amniotic fluid - Also known as polyhydramnios, this fluid surrounds a fetus during pregnancy. Excessive amounts of amniotic fluid could indicate macrosomia.
  • Large fundal height - This is the distance between a mother's pubic bone and the top of her uterus. A larger fundal height could be a warning sign of macrosomia.

How We Can Help

If your physician failed to notice symptoms associated with macrosomia and your baby was born with a birth injury, don't expect your doctor to admit to malpractice. In most cases, medical professionals refuse to acknowledge they made a mistake - or to fairly compensate your families for such injuries.

That's why you need our legal team in your corner. When you have the Tyrone Law Firm, PC on your side, you can demand the financial compensation you rightfully deserve. Birth injuries can have a significant financial impact on your family for the rest of your lives. Our law firm knows how to calculate such costs, then build a strong legal case demanding fair compensation.

You have too much at stake to try to tackle your case on your own. Find out how we can help you. Tell us your story. Contact our Atlanta law firm and schedule your free consultation. We have a strong track record of success and we're eager to help you.

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