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Atlanta GA Birth Injury LawyerKlumpke’s palsy is a type of brachial plexus injury that usually happens during or shortly after birth. Children with Klumpke’s palsy have partial or total paralysis in one hand. If your child was diagnosed with Klumpke’s palsy, negligence on the part of a medical professional may have been the cause. The Klumpke’s palsy attorneys at Tyrone Law Firm, PC can fight for your family.

Symptoms of Klumpke’s palsy

The brachial plexus is the network of nerves near the neck that carry messages from the brain to the arm and hand. Klumpke’s palsy occurs when damage to that cluster of nerves affects the functioning of the hand. The most distinctive symptom of Klumpke’s palsy is the “claw hand” – the forearm tends to lie flat while the wrist and fingers are tightened in a claw-like appearance. Other symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Weakness or inability to use certain muscles
  • Limpness or paralysis
  • Lack of sensation
  • Drooping of the eyelids on the opposite side of the face (Horner’s syndrome)

Some cases of Klumpke’s palsy are temporary. But in other cases, the nerve damage is permanent and can cause a lifelong disability.

The role of medical malpractice in Klumpke’s palsy cases

Injuries to the brachial plexus often occur during labor and delivery, and most such injuries are preventable. For instance, babies may be injured when a doctor chooses to perform a vaginal delivery instead of a C-section even though a C-section is medically indicated – perhaps because the baby is too big to fit through the mother’s pelvis, labor is difficult or prolonged, or the baby is abnormally positioned. In these situations, the baby’s shoulder can become stuck during vaginal delivery, and the brachial plexus can be damaged when doctors pull the baby free.

In other cases, Klumpke’s palsy occurs because doctors fail to make timely decisions and then need to rush. A doctor may decide to rapidly pull the baby free because the baby is in distress and the brain is not getting enough oxygen, risking a brachial plexus injury in order to avoid a brain injury. The standard of care is for the doctor to monitor the baby’s heart rate and prevent both injuries rather than having to rush.

Occasionally, Klumpke’s palsy occurs after birth. For example, if a doctor or nurse lifts the baby by the arms instead of the torso, a brachial plexus injury may occur.

We fight for family’s impacted by birth injuries

If your child was diagnosed with Klumpke’s palsy, there is a good chance medical malpractice was involved. We can help you find out what happened and explore your legal options. Taking legal action against the negligent hospital or medical provider can pay for the long-term care your child will need. It also sends a strong message and helps to protect other Georgia families and future children.

We would be honored to meet with you for a free consultation. There’s no cost and no obligation, just straight answers about your child’s legal rights. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Klumpke’s palsy lawyer in Atlanta at our law firm. We can help.

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