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Developmental Delays

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Developmental Delay Attorney GANewborn babies and young children normally achieve different milestones at certain times in the lives - learning to crawl, saying their first words, standing or walking on their own. Some children take longer to reach these milestones - or never accomplish them at all - due to a birth injury.

When this situation occurs, that's known as a development delay. Sometimes, it's obvious when newborns or children miss milestones. Other times, the symptoms are subtle.

That's why it's important for doctors and other medical professionals to closely monitor a newborn baby or child's development. Otherwise, they might miss warning signs that something's wrong and not treat the child in a timely, effective manner.

In fact, even when the mother is pregnant, there are often warning signs that something could go wrong. That's why many doctors choose to perform a cesarean section (C-section) to deliver the baby instead of a traditional vaginal delivery.

Missed Milestones

Often, birth injuries become apparent shortly after birth, when children begin to miss milestones. Some of the most important milestones in a newborn baby's life include:

1 month

  • Feeds well
  • Focuses more than one foot away
  • Responds to sounds
  • Lifts head briefly on own
  • Can move hands to mouth

3 months

  • Focuses on faces
  • Lifts head on own
  • Mimics sounds and facial expressions
  • Improved coordination

7 months

  • Can sit on own
  • Affectionate with others
  • Can hold head steady
  • Reaches for objects

12 months (1 year)

  • Says first words
  • Crawls on own
  • Possibly walk

24 months (2 years)

  • Walks confidently
  • Talks more
  • Follows directions

36 months (3 years)

  • Speaks increasingly better
  • Shows empathy for others
  • Plays well
  • Completes puzzles

For a more detailed resource on missed milestones, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes a list of typical milestones.

Again, every child is different. It’s not uncommon for some children to be ahead in some areas and behind in others, or even to take “two steps forward, one step back” in some areas. If you notice your child is falling significantly behind others in multiple developmental areas, or is experiencing significant and sustained regression, something may be wrong. Consult with your child’s doctor, then contact our Atlanta law firm.

Warning Signs

There are many warning signs (some subtle, others obvious) that children are not achieving certain milestones. These warning signs include:

1 month

  • Feeds slowly
  • Doesn't react to lights
  • Doesn't respond to sounds

3 months

  • Can't lift head on own
  • Doesn't smile
  • Doesn't focus on moving objects

7 months

  • Floppy muscles
  • Unable to sit on own
  • Not affectionate
  • Doesn't react to smiles or noises

12 months (1 year)

  • Doesn't crawl
  • Doesn't stand on own
  • Doesn't use words
  • Doesn't use gestures

24 months (2 years)

  • Doesn't speak
  • Doesn't follow instructions
  • Cannot walk by 18 months

36 months (3 years)

  • Doesn't play well
  • Avoids eye contact
  • Can't throw ball
  • Difficult to understand

As we stated above, such warning signs can vary significantly from one child to another. Different children develop at different paces. But the sooner you talk with your doctor and our law firm, the sooner someone can help you decide if your child's development is on track.

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The main reason why it's important to contact the Tyrone Law Firm, PC as soon as possible is it's always better to address young children's developmental delays right away. If your doctor claims everything's fine, we can help you get a second opinion from another doctor.

The sooner we can start investigating your potential claim, the stronger the evidence we can often gather in such complex cases. And when it comes to obtaining a financial settlement or verdict for families of children with brain injuries, evidence is critical. That's because most doctors or hospitals will not admit that they did anything wrong.

We know how frustrating not knowing if something's wrong with your child's development can be for parents. That's because we have worked with many families in the same situation throughout Georgia. Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us and tell us your story in your free consultation.

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