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Abnormal Fetal Position or Presentation

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The fetus inside a pregnant woman needs to be in the right position before birth. The unborn child also needs to be a certain size and weight. Otherwise, complications could occur during labor or delivery, which could result in injuries to the mother or child.

Unfortunately, some unborn children are not positioned in the proper place before birth. And if the physician monitoring the baby's health during pregnancy or delivery does not properly diagnose such variations, the baby could be born with a serious, permanent birth injury.

That's why the abnormal positioning of a child before birth is considered a serious birth injury risk factor. That's why doctors need to properly identify such issues and take decisive action, including performing an external cephalic version (ECV) at around 37 weeks during the mother's pregnancy to position the baby properly before birth. If the ECV is not successful, doctors may need to perform a cesarean section (C-section).

What Is Abnormal Fetal Position or Presentation?

The normal position for an unborn child before birth is facing backward head first. Variations include:

  • Abnormal position - This phrase is used to describe a baby facing forward head first.
  • Abnormal presentation - This phrase is used to describe several different abnormal positions, including the baby being positioned:
    • Face first
    • Brow first
    • Bottom first (breech)
    • Shoulder first (a common cause of Erb's Palsy and Cerebral Palsy)
    • Foot first (footing breech)

In each case, an unborn baby can become trapped inside the mother and unable to get out. In such situations, the oxygen supply can sometimes be cut off to the baby, resulting in permanent brain damage or other serious complications. That's why doctors and other medical professionals need to act fast the second they notice something wrong with the positioning or presentation of the child.

Warning Signs

Experienced physicians should know long before the birth of a baby if the child is positioned in the wrong place before delivery. A fetal ultrasound can be used to determine the position of the baby in the pregnant mother's womb.

The second a physician becomes aware of a fetal risk factor, the doctor should clearly explain the situation to the mother as well as all the available options for correcting the situation. Unfortunately, some doctors don't take such warning signs seriously.

If you suspect your child's birth injury was due to mistakes made involving the positioning of your child before birth, contact the Tyrone Law Firm, PC. Our experienced Atlanta birth injury attorneys can work with your family to hold medical professionals accountable for their mistakes. Contact us and schedule your free and confidential consultation today.

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